Inspirational Magnets

I made these magnets out of wooden stars. I covered them with craft paper, stamped them, and hung beads from them. I glued magnets on the back and have four new magnets for my fridge.



Aren’t these the cutiest little puppies you’ve ever seen?!! They are part American Eskimo and Maltese.

This is my Mia, from a previous litter. She’s one year old.

This is Mia after playing in the mud!

She just doesn’t understand what’s wrong!!

Gothic Arch Challenge – Mermaids

This is my entry for the Sunday Gothic Arch Challenge, Mermaids.

Summer Warmth

This is my entry for the 4 x 4 Friday Challenge, orange and yellow.
I love these colors, they’re like a hot summer day.


This is my Sunshine atc for the Wednesday Stamper challenge.

Paper Treasures has moved

You can now find me at:

Trash to Treasure

My husband found two of these windows in the trash.

I bought a stained glass pattern and some paint and now I have this!
Now to finish the second one!