Summer Warmth

This is my entry for the 4 x 4 Friday Challenge, orange and yellow.
I love these colors, they’re like a hot summer day.



This is my Sunshine atc for the Wednesday Stamper challenge.

Paper Treasures has moved

You can now find me at:

Trash to Treasure

My husband found two of these windows in the trash.

I bought a stained glass pattern and some paint and now I have this!
Now to finish the second one!

Summer in Illinois

This is our pond, now that my husband repaired it. It took a beating last winter.
The flowers haven’t started blooming yet, but it’s still early. It will look beautiful as
soon as everything fills in.

For anyone who didn’t see it, this is what it looked like in January!
This is the waterfall now, without four inches of ice on it.